Shahriar’s Employment History


Click on the following link to download my resume. And below is my complete employment history.

June 2016 - Present: Business Analyst/Digital Producer/Project Manager - WebAlive

  • Visited client’s office to analyze and document client’s business requirements;
  • Created functional requirement specifications, wireframes, workflow diagrams and other software project initiation documentation;
  • Briefed overseas development team on project requirements;
  • Bridged the gap between client and technical team;
  • Performed testing and ensured successful project delivery.

February 2015 - May 2016: Digital Project Manager -

Soon after I arrived in Australia, a friend contacted me to ask if I was available to help with a web portal they were running, which was starting to cost them a lot of money. It turned out that they were using an obscure CMS and only a few vendors had the expertise to support or extend it. Also, these vendors were charging exorbitant prices for even minor functionality updates.

My friend and his colleagues were so distressed by the situation that they were willing to get rid of the CMS all together and migrate to a different one. Based on my experience, I suggested that they use WordPress and that is how I got involved with the web portal migration project for

One reason why PriyoAustralia was keen to get me onboard was due to my experience working in offshore or outsourcing companies – with over 7 years of experience in the software outsourcing industry in Bangladesh, I have the firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of an outsourcing or offshore firm and have a unique insight into the processes and workflows that are most effective in such an environment.

And, this experience has proved very useful at PriyoAustralia as the development of the WordPress site as well as the migration of the data from the old CMS to WordPress is being managed by a team in the US.

I am also glad I took this offer is because it has given me the experience of working with an off-shore team. Until now, I represented the offshore team; so, this role has given me the opportunity to experience IT outsourcing from an entirely different perspective, complementing my previous experiences and enabling me to view the complete picture.

My day to day responsibilities at PriyoAustralia include:

  • Gather and document project requirements from company founders and senior stakeholders.
  • Create wireframes and workflow diagrams to convey project specifications to overseas development team.
  • Monitor and control project to ensure delivery within scope, schedule and budget constraints.
  • Review deliverables and ensure quality.

Major Accomplishment:

  • Managing disparate teams, spread over different locations, and guiding them towards the single objective of launching the new website.

2012 - 2015: Senior Project Manager - BGlobal Interactive

From December 2012 to January 2015, I worked at BGlobal Interactive. It is a US based software development company, consisting of 40 to 50 software developers. Clients are based in the US & UK with projects ranging from web applications to mobile applications.

The best thing about BGlobal is that it empowers it employees to work as they chose as long as KPI’s are met. As a Senior Project Manager, I had the complete freedom to decide how I interacted with my clients, how I managed my team, how we scheduled our work (even when we came into the office), without anyone breathing down our neck.

This level of flexibility allowed me to experiment with different approaches to client management, team management and motivation, project management etc., which certainly helped me enhance my skills as a Project Manager. It is not surprising that I studied for and passed my PMP exam while working at BGlobal, a testament to its flexible hours and management style.

In terms of the work, BGlobal gave me the opportunity to work on some of the most complex projects I have ever encountered. These include ecommerce projects using Magento, as well as those created from scratch using PHP frameworks. These projects naturally involved integrating payment gateways, which exposed me to products such as Braintree and First Data.

It was with a heavy heart, when I left BGlobal and migrated to Australia as a permanent resident in February 2015.

My main responsibilities at BGlobal included:

  • Regular communication with clients located abroad to understand and document project requirements. Ensure that team members fully understand project requirements and implement accordingly.
  • Define and document project scope of work and coordinate the process of project estimation. After estimation has been completed prepare project plan using MS Project.
  • During project execution, ensure that the team members understand project requirements, anticipate areas that may cause confusion so that they may be resolved with the client.
  • Regularly follow-up on projects that are in progress and provide weekly updates to stakeholders (clients, senior managers etc.). Updates include information on progress, issues, risks etc.
  • Ensure that projects adhere to SDLC and other best practices, as well as identify areas of improvement.
  • Perform quality control (QC) to ensure that tasks are being delivered as per requirements.
  • Aid with project documentation, such as creating user manual.
  • Regularly research and learn new technology to cope in a dynamic (technology used changes from project to project), multiplatform (Windows, Linux, PHP, Java etc.) environment. Identify knowledge/skill gaps in team members and recommend steps to overcome those gaps.
  • Coordinate with other (project) managers in planning resources, activities etc.
  • Work with the development and management team to establish new processes and/or optimize existing processes.

Major Accomplishments:

  • Successfully completed multiple projects, including the company’s largest contract to date.
  • Successfully completed a mobile phone application, ‘tied’ to a web site/application, through effective coordination between the app developer and the web developer.

2011 - 2012: Project Manager - GraphicPeople

From July ’11 to October ’12, I worked at GraphicPeople, which is part of AdPeople Worldwide. (AdPeople is part of  WPP, the world’s largest advertising and marketing network.)
Here we performed digital productions for global brands such as Dell, Nokia, Microsoft and others. Our deliverables mainly consisted of e-newsletters and Flash banners. We had multiple teams catering to different geographical locations such as US, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Europe etc.

My team, which consisted of 20 to 25 developers, worked for the North American region. I was the Project Manager for this team; so my core responsibilities involved ensuring everyone is clear about project requirements, ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget etc.; i.e. all the activities you would typically expect a Project Manager to perform.

However in GraphicPeople, my scope of work far exceeded that of a typical Project Manager. I was also fully responsible for the welfare of my team members. Hence,

  • I recommended them for training programs based on their skills (or the lack thereof)
  • I mentored them in overcoming performance deficiencies
  • I provided logistical support such as planning sitting arrangements and computer hardware
  • I arranged outings as reward and refreshment
  • Conducted performance reviews and recommend team members for promotions
  • Interviewed new hires

Last but not least, since my joining, GraphicPeople had taken on a new type of work which they had never done before. This was purely project management work that was outsourced to us by AdPeople (i.e. previously it was done handled by AdPeople). Initially it was done entirely by me so it gave me an excellent experience and opportunity to setup a whole new operation, establishing the processes, communication/documentation requirements etc. And I am proud to say that this operation had been scaled up to include two additional fulltime Project Coordinators with a further expansion in the scope of work and operation being discussed (while I was at GraphicPeople).

Major Accomplishments:

  • Created processes and documentation to setup a new operation.
  • Reduced development errors in team members by recording errors/issues encountered every day and then performing a knowledge sharing session on a weekly basis.
  • Worked as a team with other Project Managers to establish a single quality assurance (QA) & quality control (QC) department for the company by documenting and then unifying the different QA & QC processes followed by different teams within the company.

2010 - 2011: Project Manager - LeadsCapevo

From December ’10 to June ’11, I worked at LeadsCapevo which is a joint venture between Leads in Bangladesh and Capevo in Denmark.

Here we developed a product called XForm that is owned by Capevo as well as worked on web applications that use XForm.
I worked here as a Project Manager; typically that means it’s my responsibility to ensure the success of the project. And this is a responsibility I took on with a huge amount of joy and enthusiasm; few things equal the delight of seeing your plans and predictions unfold to produce the desired outcome!
But seeing a large project through to completion is no game either. There is no alternative to being on alert all the time; a small negligence or miscommunication can result in a costly error or a long delay in schedule.

And probably more than anything else, you need to be a good people manager. You need to know very well what each of your team member is capable of, their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. ‘A strong desire to see others succeed’ is the motto I learned to live by which then compelled all my other actions to simply fall into place. Needless to say, a good communication skill is a must here.

Having described my experiences as a Project Manager at LeadsCapevo, below are some of the activities I had to perform on a regular basis:

  • Manage more than one project at a time while ensuring all projects are running smoothly.
  • Analyze and document project requirements and follow through to completion while ensuring that QC and other standards are maintained.
  • Plan/schedule projects and tasks while ensuring all resources are being utilized efficiently.
  • Control changes to prevent scope creep.
  • Develop and maintain a cordial relationship with all stakeholders, including those located overseas, by establishing trust and reliability.
  • Act as a link between management (local and overseas) and developers.
  • Motivate and influence people to demonstrate their best while seeking ways to complement any deficiencies.
  • Others such as project invoicing, performance review of team members and sometimes even database administration!

Major Accomplishment:

  • Managed and guided a struggling project to completion by clearly defining requirements, closely tracking progress and effectively communicating with the client.

2008 - 2010: Project Coordinator - Jaxara IT Ltd

Between August ’08 and December ’10, I worked at Jaxara IT Ltd which is a US based software company. Here we built web applications using C# as well as using CMS such as Drupal and Ektron.

I worked as a Project Coordination Executive, a post created with my appointment, which led to the establishment of the Project Management Office in the company. Hence, from the very beginning I had been involved in defining the work procedure/process for the department – activities to perform, standards to follow, employee induction, training programs and much more. At present the project management department is a very vibrant team with 4 people working as Project Coordinator.

As a project coordinator, my day to day responsibilities included:

  • Establish and understand requirements for software projects received from the US team via emails or video conferences.
  • Discuss the requirements with the Development and Quality Assurance team so that everyone is ‘on the same page’.
  • Coordinate the process of project estimation and create the project schedule using MS Project to ensure on time and on budget delivery of the project.
  • Provide daily status updates on the project progress including communicating any problems, doubts/confusions.
  • Frequently re-prioritize and re-organize tasks in order to keep the project on track.
  • Review and ensure that all functional and non-functional objectives of the project have been met.
  • Prepare weekly resource allocation reports.
  • Identify and adopt project management best practices for overall enhancement of the Bangladesh team.
  • Ensure/maintain a cordial relationship with all members of the team (Developers, QA, and Managers) to bring the best out of each individual.

The project management team is also responsible for tracking the achievement of company goals by setting up training sessions, scheduling resources in such a way that all can attend the training session, follow-up on assignments etc. which is a project on its own!

Major Accomplishments:

  • Help establish the project management department in the company by identifying the standards and procedures to follow, the types and formats of reports, etc.
  • On my own initiative, first learned VBA, then created macros for MS Excel and Project using VBA to help speed up repetitive work.

2007 - 2008: AVP - Delta Life Insurance Company Ltd

From July ’07 to August ’08, I’ve worked at Delta Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (DLIC) which is one of the largest insurance companies in Bangladesh with over 500,000 policyholders.

The IT department, where I worked, develops all the software required by the company; even the inventory system, whose development had solely been my responsibility. In addition, I have worked on modules for the macro and micro insurance divisions of the company system.

We used the Oracle 9i database (version 9 Release 2) to store our data and the Oracle Developer Suite 2000 (Form Builder 6i and Report Builder 6i) to build the forms and reports that enable the interaction with the data.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Hold discussions with different departments to identify/analyze current work processes. Based on these discussions, identify which of these processes can be computerized using a software system.
  • Develop calculation intensive forms and reports with an emphasis on usability and user experience.
  • Manage project scope and expectations to deliver on time and on budget.

Major Accomplishments:

  • Within a few weeks learned how to use Oracle Form Builder 6i and Report Builder 6i, which were a new technology for me at the time.
  • Acquired advanced knowledge of the Oracle database and performed database administrative tasks such as  creating Table-Space, Users, Roles, Exporting and Importing data in the Oracle 9i ( database. Other tasks performed included writing functions/procedures in the database as required by the application software. Also worked on database optimization using normal indexes, function-based indexes, statistics-gathering and optimizer-hints.

2006: Others

Co-designed and developed the website, which showcases a game called Wordigo and enables the sale of it (through PayPal) .

All of the development work, including the graphics, was done by me while the design was completed in collaboration with the client.

Two main outcomes of that project were:

  • it got me interested in web-design, this website being a continuation of that process.
  • gave me first-hand experience of building a software product based on the visions/ideas/requirements of a client and using my expertise and knowledge to realize the final product, while keeping the development best practices (such as usability) in mind; which I would say was a very valuable experience indeed!

Sadly, this site has been taken offline now as “It’s (Wordigo) now available as an app for .99c and widely available.“.

Shahriar Nour Khondokar