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Full size image of free Winamp skin called SpringAmp

SpringAmp is a free skin for Winamp.

Winamp is a free MP3 player that can play CD audio files, MP3, WAV and other major formats.

Winamp allows users to customize the look and feel of the interface with ‘skins’ and also enables installing plug-ins which can add various visual effects to the player.

SpringAmp is a Winamp skin that I have made out of a picture which my sister Sumaiya N. K. had drawn while my brother Emad N. K. had originally come up with the idea of turning the picture into a skin.

The image and the colours are meant to express the mood of spring, hence the name.

The download file contains the SpringAmp skin and also the player (version 2.9) for anyone who doesn’t have Winamp installed. Everyone should give Winamp a try; in my experience it is one of the simplest music players around, in other words it is quick to install and easy to use.

How to install a Winamp skin

If you do not have Winamp installed, you may install it like any other software. Simply download the Winamp installer (then unzip the downloaded file) and then click on the .exe file.

To install the skin, first download the SpringAmp skin file. Then copy the file (do not have to unzip the file) to the folder titled ‘Skins’ which will be inside the folder where Winamp is installed. A typical path for the ‘Skins’ folder is “C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins”. After has been placed/copied in the Skins folder,

  • Run Winamp
  • Right-click on it. From the menu that appears, select
  • Skins, then select SpringAmp

and you are ready to use one of the best music players ever made with an unique skin you will find nowhere else.

Also, available for download is a skin maker for Winamp for you to have a go at making Winamp skins, which can actually be a pretty enjoyable experience.

Download SpringAmp

From the links below, you can download the Winamp skin SpringAmp, the Winamp player and a Winamp skin maker. And don’t hesitate to download from these links; the software you are downloading are provided free by the owners, so, you won’t be infringing any copyright laws!

2 thoughts on “Bonus

  1. Hi !

    Your skin is nice, BUT you MUST learn how to FULLY skin a skin, because only a fully skinned Winamp skin has any interest or any value.
    I know, 15 years ago, even the greatest artists would skin only 3 windows, BUT those days are gone, and with Winamp 2.91, all skins had to be fully skinned. Now with winamp 5X, it’s even more true.

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