Hi, my name is Shahriar Nour Khondokar. I’m a PMP® certified IT applications Project Manager with over 9 years of experience in the IT industry.

This website is meant for people who want to know more about me on a professional level; but people who want to know me more on a personal level will find it interesting too.

Here you will find information about my professional work, research work I had carried out as part of my studies and some material, available for download, are results of things I do for a hobby.

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The rest of this page contains a short autobiography, my hobbies/interests and at the end my contact details.



I was born on October 27th 1982, at around 2AM in Baniachong, Hobiganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

The same year I went to Libya with my family, where my father started work as a pharmacist.

Came back to Bangladesh in 1996, studied for my O-Level and A-Level exams and then in October 2002 went to the UK to study for my undergraduate degree.

Returned to Bangladesh in March 2007 and entered the BD job market in June 2007. Since then I have worked in various places, fulfilling various roles, ranging from Software Developer to Project Manager.

In August 2009 I married a lovely lady called Tanzila Shamaruk; now I can’t imagine a life without her!



Apart from subjects directly related to my work, my interests include music, computer games, horticulture, global affairs and the environment.

I regularly donate blood.


Contact Shahriar

You can e-mail me at

And, my mobile number is +61415633460.

Shahriar Nour Khondokar